Haspel, Trump's pick to lead Central Intelligence Agency, pledges she won't restart interrogation program

Gina Haspel is meeting with Senators seeking support for her nomination to run the CIA

He says that he respects Haspel but that her testimony at Wednesday's confirmation hearing failed to fully explain her involvement in the CIA's enhanced interrogation program after 9/11 and account for the mistakes the US made in torturing detainees.

King said Haspel's experience and qualifications are solid, adding "If that were the only criteria for this position, I would vote to confirm, but there are additional and important circumstances of her service to weigh".

A Senate committee is holding a hearing on Haspel's nomination, and Virginia Democrat Mark Warner asked whether she'd carry out any order from President Donald Trump that she found morally objectionable.

"Like many Americans, I understand the urgency that drove the decision to resort to so-called enhanced interrogation methods after our country was attacked". In her opening remarks, she acknowledged that the American public wants to know her views on the CIA's now-defunct detention and interrogation programme. "I appreciate their dilemma and the strain of their duty", he said.

So, the often reasonable Feinstein suddenly has doubts about Haspel's supervision of a Central Intelligence Agency black site in Thailand where one al-Qaida subject was subjected to "enhanced interrogation techniques", including waterboarding (not considered torture at that time) and her role in her superior's decision to destroy tapes of Central Intelligence Agency interrogations. Joe Manchin - may be willing to reach across the aisle for her confirmation. "Her refusal to acknowledge torture's immorality is disqualifying", he continued.

Many, however, are anxious that Haspel's nomination will send risky signals about the U.S.to the rest of the world, and give its adversaries an excuse to say the US continues to advocate for torture.

"Ms. Haspel is eminently qualified, she's widely esteemed, and she's absolutely the right person at the right moment", McConnell said. But Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said she was "disappointed" in some of Haspel's responses. "I believe the Senate should exercise its duty of advice and consent and reject this nomination", McCain said in a statement.

A lengthy report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, released publicly in 2014, concluded the CIA's interrogation techniques were not an viable means of gaining intelligence, and that the agency's justification for using them "rested on inaccurate claims of their effectiveness". Should she persist in aiding one of Trump's nominees, funds from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee would be in short supply.

"China efforts to diminish US influence, not only in the Pacific, but all around the world, China's unfair trade practices, and China's overt and illicit efforts to steal USA technology and know-how and intellectual property", she said.

"I would not allow CIA to undertake activity that I thought was immoral, even if it was technically legal", said Haspel, a 33-year veteran of the agency.

Sean Hannity ripped Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee who critiqued Gina Haspel, the nominee to run the CIA, for being what he called "too tough on terrorists".

"She makes a very sympathetic presentation, but there's a lot of history there and we need to know what it is", Feinstein said. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Haspel's only other Republican critic, warning that if he opposed Haspel, he was standing with al-Qaida. And over the course of the hearing, it was a topic addressed by more than one lawmaker concerned by her record.



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