Trumps New Policy Will Still Allow Carnival to Offer Cruises to Cuba

Claire Boobbyer, Telegraph Travel's Cuba expert, said: "If, as the draft directive states, Trump reverses Obama's policy on allowing USA individual travel to Cuba, the situation will revert to what it was before: U.S. citizens travelling in licensed groups with an American tour leader, and counterpart Cuban guide, on state-owned coaches, staying in state-run hotels, and following an itinerary approved by the Cuban government".

There are also no plans to reinstate the limits that Obama lifted on the amount of the island's coveted rum and cigars that American can bring home for personal use, one White House official said.

The new policy, expected to be announced during Trump's speech in Miami, "does not target the people, but it does target the oppressive members of the Cuban military government", said a senior White House official. The Cuban government has made clear it will not be pressured into political reforms in exchange for diplomatic engagement.

Diplomatic relations are expected to be maintained and US airlines and cruise ships will continue to service the island. The Herald reports Trump does not plan to reverse Obama's ending of the "wet foot, dry foot" immigration policy that allows fleeing Cubans who reach usa soil to remain in the country. Obama ended that policy in his final days in office.

The various number of U.S. media outlets had reported the date and site for the announcement of the result of the review of Washington's Cuba policy that Trump promised when he took office.

From there, two lawmakers - and not the State Department - got in the driver's seat with Trump, sources tell FP. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said in a message posted on Facebook.

The new policy will ban most USA business deals with the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group (GAESA), a sprawling conglomerate involved in all sectors of the economy, but make exceptions related to air and sea travel, the officials said.

But Trump is expected to ban USA citizens from spending money on companies controlled by the Cuban military.

The main focus of Trump's new policy will focus on shifting money away from Cuban military and security services that "contribute to oppression on the island", one White House official said. But now, with Trump indicating that he'll tighten regulations regarding trade and travel to the island nation, it's more important than ever that if you want to go, you go now!

The policy has been embraced by anti-Castro Republicans, including Sen. While that brand has since ceased sailing, the company still offers cruises to the country aboard Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Paradise out of Tampa, as well as Holland America Line's Veendam starting this December. No deadline has been set, the officials said. "But it will add a lot of uncertainty to an already uncertain environment". The rules will take effect when the Treasury Department has the regulations ready.

Trump's changes in Cuba policy include prohibiting "financial transactions, including transactions incidental to travel with GAESA and its affiliates, subsidiaries, and successors", according to documents reviewed by CNN.

Rubio hopes the new changes will force the Castro regime to implement human rights and democratic reforms.

Trump is not expected to completely reverse Obama's detente with Havana - diplomatic relations between the two nations will remain and so will commercial flights - but his administration will more tightly control visits to Cuba by U.S. citizens.

But human rights experts warned rolling back Obama's policies won't work.

"Cuba has failed to improve its own human rights record, political opponents continue to be imprisoned, dissidents continue to be jailed, women continue to be harassed", Tillerson said. "Our experience in Cuba this past year has been extremely positive".


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